3rd Generation Heir Vote [CLOSED]

It’s time for the third generation heir vote! Gah, I can’t believe I’ve made it this far, honestly. The Barringer’s are like my baby, now (and I swear I’m going to be on the ground crying when Crimson and Dakota die).  I feel strangely attached to them. And I cannot wait to continue 😀

Anyways, this is the heir vote. 😀

Do you think the heir should be Bridget? Born first out of the triplets, she has been girly since the day she was born. She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to do anything to get it. She became the flirt of them when they became teenagers, dating every guy she could. Now, she’s in a stable relationship with none other than her cousin. Will Bridget be able to follow through with her plan to stay with her cousin or will her parents stop her in her tracks?

Or will Riley get your vote? She has always been dependent on other people ever since she was born. Now that’s she is a teenager, though, she has realized that she wasn’t the dependent one. She didn’t need anyone else to survive in her life except herself. No man or friend. But will her new found independent attitude, will she ever realize that dependence is okay sometimes?

(That was so hard for me to write wanna know about Riley legitly, go read 2.20)

Or do you think the heir should be Kylie? She’s never really fit in with her two sisters. She has always had a strange feeling that love doesn’t exist, where he sisters were obsessed with it. Instead of spending her time dreaming about guys, she put all her work into logic and science and knew she wanted to be a forensic specialist. Until she met Shane. Will her views on love be right or will Shane change the way she views her whole life?

Or will the only boy of the family, Aaron, get your vote? Aaron has always been the baby and the one who was left out of the Barringer bunch. Being the youngest and the only boy, he’s always been the odd one out. But when his parents took him to China when he was a teenager, he realized his true passion, martial arts, becoming a natural as soon as he started. But with someone who is so dedicated to what they do, will he ever be able to find his true love? And will his true love be the one his sisters are trying to set him up with?

The poll with close on Friday THURSDAY (I’m going to a concert on Friday) at whatever time I find convenient. And if I don’t get many votes I will be counting Facebook votes that I got from a while back (if you want to know those results…feel free to ask).

And I would like to close off this lovely generation with this family picture (minus Danielle and Derrick):

 Thank you all for sticking with me through another generation and I would like to once again give credit and thank CallieRose once again for letting me use Crimson (and Liliana and Carmine, but they were in, like, one chapter, so whatever). I’ve fallen in love with Crimson (seriously, go look at my tweets…) and without him, this generation just wouldn’t be the same with some other lame Sim that I made. Crimson is just amazing (and I’m still disappointed that none of his kid’s turned out to have his hair -sad face-).

Anyways, once again thank you Callie for letting me use him 😀

Feel free to tell me who you voted for and why in the comments 😀

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20 Responses to 3rd Generation Heir Vote [CLOSED]

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  2. Melanie Baker says:

    has to be kylie!

  3. Nightrain17 says:

    If Kylie doesn’t win I WILL CRY! I will break down on the floor and cry! I’m serious!
    Come on Kylie.
    Who’s winning on the facebook votes? (Please say it’s Kylia) :S

    • Lexi says:

      On the Facebook votes, Bridget had five votes, Riley had eight, Kylie had four and Aaron had two.
      We’ll have to wait and see who comes out victorious 😀

  4. xlosemymind says:

    Kylie shouldn’t win. Aaron should.

  5. StarSarah says:

    I have voted Bridget. Love her look and story x

  6. Lexi says:

    May I just take a moment to say…

  7. marissa3 says:

    For some reason I wasn’t following your blog! I’ve just spent a long while catching up, and I have to say I would have voted Aaron, so I’m glad he won. 😀

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